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Leading With a Courageous Loving Heart

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the art and science of activating and directing energy balancing, healing and wholeness. Anyone can experience the benefits of Reiki.


Stacy offers the following services, matched to fit your individual needs. Packages available.

Reiki Treatments

50-minute and 75-minute private hands-on energy healing.


Energetic one-on-one collaboration tailored to fit your personal and professional goals.


Guided discussion and workshops about topics related to Reiki and energy healing. Subject to availability.


“Stacy is beyond powerful and insightful; she has a huge gift and has been able to help me tune within to clear any blockages I may be feeling- Stacy is not only gentle, but also insightful and she is a very tuned gifted healer to help the individual as well as humanity.”


“Following a spinal cord injury and surgery, my body has low-grade chronic pain that flares up. I’ve tried conventional treatments that have provided some or no relief including physical therapy of all types. It has been a gift to work with Stacy and experience ways to support my body, release pain, and to feel more comfort and peace in my whole being.”


Stacy has given me such a gift through her Reiki practice. I can completely let go of the external world and listen to my inner knowing, my intuition. All my guards and masks come down and I can dive deep into the awareness of who I truly am. Messages about my emotions and what is happening in my work, my relationships, and my life come through clearly.” 


She holds a safe space, honors the sacredness of your experience in the practice and makes it so easy for you to share with her what happened during the session in the consultation afterwards. She is a remarkable human and healer, and I am so blessed and grateful to have found her as my spiritual guide.” 


“Through just a couple of sessions. I became aware of my deep fear of success and where it was rooted. I was able to let some of the fear dissolve though the Reiki sessions and Stacy was guiding me how to process after our sessions. Stacy’s intuitive gifts, connection with light, and clear vision has helped me to navigate through some rough waters.” 


“As a holistic healer, I have had the opportunity of working with Stacy.  On several occasions I have had Stacy work on some chronic pain issues for myself and my wife.  In all cases the pain has been relieved. I consider myself a skilled healer, but when it comes to managing pain, I ask Stacy for help. Working with Stacy is a sacred experience.” 


Quieting, Stillness, Calming, Deepening, Presence. My work with Stacy came at a time when I most needed to find stillness in myself. In my session with her I was gently guided to that place through her quiet and calming presence. After each of my sessions, she shared observations with me that were profound and served to deepen my belief in things far beyond what the eye can see.” 


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