The Wisdom of the Redwood Trees

The Redwoods are know as the wisdom keepers, the ancient ones. These magnificent trees symbolize forever, eternity. Their beauty is captivating and awe-inspiring.

Ancient ones.


I had the opportunity to commune with these incredible beings for several days and it was and continues to be a powerful experience. Deep gratitude is the word that surfaces when I lean back against their strong trunk and rest in solace.  Not thinking. Not doing.  Being.  Being fully present in the moment.

The Wisdom Keepers.


Where in your day can you take a moment from your to-do list and be fully present?  To fully embrace the moment, the energy, the flow of the Universe?  I guarantee if we take even five minutes out of our day to connect to this ever-present energy, we become alive, more productive and more at peace.  More to come…




With love and gratitude,