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The Sahanaayili Village during the Pandemic

(The above image is a gathering at the Sahani Village of Nanton before the pandemic. Now twenty people or fewer are allowed to gather.) Separated by a Pandemic – United in our Response It’s been nearly five months since I last saw my partner and in that time, the world has transformed before our eyes. […]

Ghana – Government and Chiefs

Hello everyone, In my prior blog post, I discussed some information and statistics of Ghana. If you haven’t done so already, please see my previous post and video entitled: Ghana – Statistics and General Information. In my second video (below) I discuss Ghana’s government and the role of  Chiefs within Ghanaian culture. This is my understanding […]

Ernesto and the Holidays

 A thirty something latino man with dark wavy hair and a trimmed mustache sits alone at a table with a small, spiral note pad. He meticulously goes through some notes and scribbles down new revelations as they come to him. He’s dressed in a nice pair of jeans, a crisp, blue button down shirt and […]

Maria and Apollo

“Do you mind if I sit here?” Asks the women in a bright purple shirt with shoulder blond hair and brown doe eyes. I’m seated at the Whole Foods dining area reading my book, enjoying my coffee and small salad while taking in an invigorating, sunny spring day. Earlier she was in front of me […]


A Poem to My 110 Year Old Self

Studies have shown that writing down thoughts and inspirations of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to make us feel happier and to create more meaningful and joyful experiences in our lives. By expression gratitude on a regular basis, the impact can last for months and deepen one’s own well being. A few […]


Field of Honor

“What?”  I ask in horror. “I’m telling you this is what happened.” My husband says emphatically. A while ago, Chief taught an African drumming class to some colleagues of mine; he loves sharing his culture with anyone who is willing to learn. He’s a natural, gifted teacher and on that day we communed together over stories, food, […]

Nanton Village

The Village of Nanton For the next few posts on this website, I’ll be sharing my time in Ghana with my partner, Chief Suale.   Traveling to Nanton. Billows of red, dust trail behind our car as it barrels down the dirt road. We’ve been traveling for over an hour into the bush to visit […]


The Horse: A Noble Steed

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom. ~ Sharon Ralls Lemon   For the next few posts on this website, I’ll be sharing my time in Ghana with my partner, Chief Suale. A Graceful and Sentient Being The horse has […]

Adventures in Ghana

Hello and welcome! I’ll be sharing some travel posts here for the next couple of weeks. Some of you may know (and for those of you who don’t) my husband, Chief Suale is a Chief of the Dagomba tribe in northern Ghana. Because of our responsibilities, his duties and family being in Tamale, we travel […]