The Ancient Ones – Majestic Redwoods

The redwoods are mystical, magical and anyone who has spent time within a redwood forest knows of their majestic beauty and reverence. Some of the symbolism associated with redwoods are: community, intuition, wisdom and enlightenment. Recently I had the opportunity to receive their wisdom and here is an excerpt from the experience.
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The Wisdom of the Redwood Trees

The Redwoods are know as the wisdom keepers, the ancient ones. These magnificent trees symbolize forever, eternity. Their beauty is captivating and awe-inspiring.

Ancient ones.


I had the opportunity to commune with these incredible beings for several days and it was and continues to be a powerful experience. Deep gratitude is the word that surfaces when I lean back against their strong trunk and rest in solace.  Not thinking. Not doing.  Being.  Being fully present in the moment.

The Wisdom Keepers.


Where in your day can you take a moment from your to-do list and be fully present?  To fully embrace the moment, the energy, the flow of the Universe?  I guarantee if we take even five minutes out of our day to connect to this ever-present energy, we become alive, more productive and more at peace.  More to come…




With love and gratitude,


What the Heck is Reiki Anyway?

What is Reiki and How it May Assist in Your Health and Overall Well Being.

Self-Care: Alleviating Stress for A More Empowered You!

We’ve all had those days where stress is at the forefront; whether we are racing to make deadlines, running to pick-up the kids from school or fighting traffic to get home from another frenetic day to be with your loved ones, it seems stress is ever present in our lives.

Many of my clients have recently expressed the intensity of their stress and how it impacts them. Sometimes this stress and anxiety can last longer than 24 hours.  With the current events happening around the world, it’s difficult not to feel some sort of stress come bubbling up to the surface when viewing the news. In our ever changing world, stress is going to be a given; but it’s how we react to it that counts.

What is needed now (possibly more than ever) is a priority to self-care.  Unhealthy stress can lead to health problems including: high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease.  When we make the time to care for ourselves, we are more equipped to handle stress in a healthy and empowered way.

Here are a few ways you can beat stress and navigate your way to better wellness and a conscious practice in self-care.

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