Ghana – Government and Chiefs

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In my prior blog post, I discussed some information and statistics of Ghana. If you haven’t done so already, please see my previous post and video entitled: Ghana – Statistics and General Information.

In my second video (below) I discuss Ghana’s government and the role of  Chiefs within Ghanaian culture.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ghana

This is my understanding of the Ghanaian government and how their democracy interrelates with the customary laws upheld by the Chiefs.

I’m not an expert in the Ghanaian government, nor in the chieftaincy system. I’m merely offering basic information on traditional rulers (Chiefs) and some of their responsibilities.

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Napag Stacy




Nanton Village

The Village of Nanton

For the next few posts on this website, I’ll be sharing my time in Ghana with my partner, Chief Suale.


Traveling to Nanton.

Billows of red, dust trail behind our car as it barrels down the dirt road. We’ve been traveling for over an hour into the bush to visit with family and the elders of the Nanton village.

Family is all-encompassing in Ghana and good friends are often called uncles, aunties or grandfathers, and grandmothers.


The Family

There is an inclusivity in Tamale that is incredibly comforting and welcoming.

When you’ve been away in America for some time, (some family members consider a couple of months a very long time) it’s necessary to see all your family and when I say all, that means many people; consisting of immediate, extended family, friends and friends of friends. Even people that may not know you, greet you as family.

Welcome sister!


My wife, welcome!


Visiting one of our grandfathers.

Yes, that’s right. There are men other than my husband that call me their wife. Of course I’m not their spouse, it’s an expression; a term of affection. Women also say to me:

How is my husband doing?


Give my greetings to my husband.

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